Your feet are your foundation. Just like a house, if your body’s foundation is out of alignment, everything else will be too. Poor foot function can create pain in your ankles, knees, hips, back, and even your neck. For many people, the solution is can be as simple as getting the right arch support in your shoe. At Fix my Feet, we go far beyond the garden variety of over the counter supports you’ll find lining the shelves at your local drug store. Our trained foot professionals will examine your feet using state-of-the-art technology and provide full, custom corrected arch support so that the foot acts in the correct way, improving the posture of the feet, hips, knees and back.

Plantar Fasciitis Relief and Fitted Arch Support

Why do you need arch supports?

We’d like you to stop and think for a moment about the stress you put on your feet everyday. Whether you’re at work, shopping, exercising, or simply out and about, chances are you’re on your feet. And with each step we take, our feet endure 2-1/2 times our body weight of pressure. Over 80% of the population suffers from some type of foot or foot related problem.

The four arches of our feet are our body’s natural shock absorbers. And when they are not balancing your body weight properly, the rest of your skeletal structure becomes misaligned, including your back, legs and hips, causing pain, fatigue and discomfort.

Properly fitted arch supports are designed to put your feet into a more correct position and help correctly position your feet.

Once the bones in your feet align the rest of your body can follow. This in turn can alleviate the pressure in your feet, ankles, knees, hip and back. This can lead to the reduction and in some cases the elimination of those pains.

How does Fix my Feet help?

Our arch supports are designed by specialists and researchers in the field, and are recommended and worn by chiropractors, podiatrists and doctors across the country. They are suitable for every lifestyle, and fit well in any type of shoe, including tennis shoes, dress shoes, and even high heels.

Upon visiting a Fix my Feet store, we personally size your feet through a footprint analysis.

Benefits of wearing
Fix my Feet arch supports:

  • Cradle foot, providing comfort and balance
  • Provide proper balance of body weight
  • Correct feet positioning to promote better skeletal alignment
  • Improvement in posture, reducing back strain
Laurie at the Rochester location CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I bought my insoles January 18th of this year and now I can walk without issues. My feet no longer hurt me. My new insoles not only helped my feet, but they also aligned my posture and my gate. The fact that I can wash the insoles and the comfort cushions are wonderful. I can't wait to wear these in my summer sandals. Thank you Laurie and Thank you Fix My Feet!!!!
Tamara Martin
Tamara Martin
Kristi and I stopped at the Kalamazoo home show and met Laurie! She helped me through my foot problems! Wonderful person and very informative! Thank you!
Randy Granger
Randy Granger
I cam here 2020 w foot pain been good ever since Shelly took good care of me I love talking with her great personality
Dawn Turner
Dawn Turner
My 87 year old Grandma, who had plantar fasciitis and major sciatica, received inserts and within 3 months the pain has subsided and remained pain free! These are miracle workers! Her balance is like she’s 70 again. Thank you so much fix my feet!
Angelina Schummer
Angelina Schummer
Simply a quality of life changing product. Virtually immediate pain relief. I am a 20K-30K a day stepper (I work for that brown delivery company). Spent several hundred on new boots (Keens). Pain in feet and knees never went away. Made an appointment and was fitted with the Sport Natural supports. I am still in disbelief how well they worked. I have zero foot pain. Zero knee pain. I feel I am well balanced and pain free. Highly recommend an appointment to experience the pain free benefits I do!!! Thank you FixMyFeet.
Danny Orlowski
Danny Orlowski

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