At Fix my Feet, we provide solutions . Whether you have plantar fasciitis,  bunions, hammer toes, fallen arches or just plain tired, aching feet (or knees, hips or back), our staff of skilled fitting professionals will be able to help. During your initial consultation we’ll use computerized scanning technology as well as perform a gait analysis, and foot evaluation to determine exactly what is going on with your feet. With our broad range of arch supports and custom inserts, we’ll come up with a solution for minimizing or alleviating your foot and foot-related pain and discomfort.

At Fix my Feet, we use the latest biomechanics technology to evaluate every customer that comes through our door. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to map the sole of your foot, allowing us to see in great detail where your particular imbalance exists.

Based on this foot scan, we can produce a custom crafted body aligning insert that is designed to be used in combination with our perfectly fit shoes to bring your entire body back into perfect alignment and eliminate your pain.

about Fix My Feet foot pain relief

Wow! I am so impressed with my entire experience with Fix My Feet!” – Katherine B. of St. Clair Shores

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